St Louis County GOP Endorsed State Representative District 6A Candidate Guy Anderson

Guy Anderson is the St Louis County Republican Party of Minnesota endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 6A. Guy Anderson has lived on the Iron Range his whole life. He understands & has lived the issues we have here. He served 18 months in the 3rd Armored, Ayers Kaserne, Germany. Following his tour he completed his service to this country with the Minnesota National Guard. After 33 years with UPS and the Teamsters Local 346 he retired. Guy is happily married with 6 children and 4 grandchildren. Guy is a Constitutional Conservative and would not support legislation or bills that violate our individual rights. Specifically, Freedom of Speech & Our Right to Bear Arms. He will be your voice for mining, safe and secure schools, lower taxes, lower healthcare costs, and streamlining government bureaucracy and red tape.

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